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Cultured Beverages

"Healthy Bones" Carrot Horseradish Shrub (concentrate)

375 ml bottle

For this very special shrub, we infused calcium-rich herbs in vinegar for several weeks to extract their bone-building minerals. A shrub is an old fashioned traditional fruit concentrate, like a syrup, preserved with vinegar and used to make or flavor beverages. A few ounces with bubbly water and a makes a fabulous drink all on its own, and there's no reason you couldn't use it as a cocktail mixer if that's your thing! Shrubs can also add zing to jam or salad dressing, and make a wonderful glaze for grilled meats. We use raw, unfiltered honey and raw apple cider vinegar for an extra-vital cultured beverage! 

Ingredients: carrots,* raw unfiltered honey, Bernie's Best raw apple cider vinegar* infused with herbs (horseradish,* foraged nasturiums, nettle,* dandelion,* parsley,* foraged horsetail, foraged cleavers) (*=organic)

Recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free, nightshade-free, black pepper-free, dairy-free and GAPS Diet-friendly.

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