Cultured Foods & Condiments

Lactofermented foods and beverages can be found in traditional diets around the world. The fermentation preserves foods while enhancing their digestibility and nutrient profile. A tablespoon or so with every meal is enough to provide a probiotic boost. Our raw cultured foods are produced with simple ingredients and time-tested techniques.



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South River Three-Year Barley Miso


This ancient and robust miso is our most popular variety, and is the one most often recommended for healing diets. The color ranges from dark pumpkin to russet brown as it ages. Some years ago, this variety was the winner of East-West Journal's "Most Hearty Miso" award. Made with barley and soybeans.

Ingredients: Deep well water, organic barley, organic soybeans, sun-dried sea salt, organic sea vegetables, and koji culture.