Yume Boshi founder Ayako Iino grew up eating her mother's house made umeboshi pickles. She founded Yume Boshi in 2013 as the fruit on the ume plum trees became ripe in Northern California. Using traditional methods Ayako set to work transforming the tangy fruit she sources from small local orchards into pickles. Koume is a style of umeboshi pickle that is made with a different variety of ume plum. The fruit is smaller and more delicate. Soft, tangy, salty, bright red color --- that same taste but it can be used with less impact.


Great for rice balls or for bento box. Umeboshi is a savory ume plum pickle eaten as a condiment for rice every day in Japan. She uses locally sourced plums and traditional methods of preparation. Ume plums are salted, flavored with red shiso leaves, and then dried under the California sun to make umeboshi. The ultimate companion for a bowl of plain steamed rice. (Mix in small amount as you wish.) Stronger taste than your usual pickle - a little goes a long way!


Ingredients: ume plums, sea salt, red shiso leaves No need to refrigerate, but keep in cool place.

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