Blue Ice Butter Oil/Cod Liver Oil CAPS

1 bottle (120 caps)

Combines X-Factor Gold™ Concentrated Butter Oil (1/3 of contents) with Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil (2/3 of contents) in easy-to-take capsule form. The butter oil is extracted from dairy milk produced by cows that graze exclusively on irrigated grass of the Northern Great Plains. The combination of climate and irrigation produces a rapidly growing specialized forage ensuring optimal levels of Activator X. Casein and lactose free.

Dr. Weston A. Price discovered High Vitamin Butter Oil in the 1930s, and believed there was an extremely synergistic effect between High Vitamin Butter Oil and traditional cod liver oil. He treated many patients with this combination.

Ingredients: Fermented Cod Liver oil, butter oil concentrated through centrifugation, unbleached beeswax as thickener, Plant cellulose (capsules), silca. Contains COD (Pacific Cod) Milk. Allergy Statement: This product is made from wild caught fish and may contain other seafood allergens such as shellfish.

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