Dairy, Eggs & Almond Milks

Our offerings include fresh Claravale raw Jersey milk and cream, three varieties of local, pasture-raised eggs and The Living Apothecary's sprouted almond milks, along with local artisanal cheeses from Sierra Nevada, Evergreen Acres, and Burroughs Family Farms.

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Sierra Nevada Smokehouse Jack Wedge

6 oz. wedge

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This one is not Raw, but it's so yummy we couldn't resist. Great for adding a bacon flavor to a vegetarian dish.

According to the Sierra Nevada Cheese Company: "We support local, sustainable agriculture by purchasing fresh milk from family-run dairies in Northern California. Sierra Nevada Cheese Company's raw milk cheeses showcase the complex bouquet of flavor resulting from naturally-occuring healthy micro-organisms present in our fresh milk. Using milk in a raw state preserves its full, original nutritional value. Seasonal pasture variations highlighted by raw milk accentuate a diverse range of flavors and positively enhance our artisan cheeses."


1 pint jar

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Whey from Straus yogurt can be drunk as a tonic or used for soaking grains and making cultured beverages.

Ingredient: whey from Straus yogurt

Recipe is gluten-free and contains dairy.