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Sierra Orchards Corn & Soy Free Eggs (Large)

1 dozen eggs

Sierra Orchards is a family farm located in Winter. The farm was established over 40 years ago, they have predominantly grown organic walnuts for the last few decades and incorporate holistic and regenerative practices into our orchard management plan.

For over a decade, Sierra Orchard's practices have consisted of planting a diverse cover crop and using sheep to rotationally graze the orchards. However, a year ago, they introduced laying hens into their operation as well. Now, they move the hens throughout the orchard after the sheep get a chance to knock back the tall cover crops. Their hens are Certified Organic and Certified Humane.
The chickens are receiving the best diet ever possible. They grow a lush and diverse cover crop in their organic walnut orchards that they graze with sheep and then follow with chickens, so the hens forage on the cover crop as well as the grubs and insects in the soil. In addition, they feed the birds with organic corn-free/soy-free feed from Modesto Milling. 
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