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White Spring Kimchi (nightshade-free)

1 pint jar

Inspired by traditional recipes, this nightshade-free kimchi uses ample amounts of fresh horseradish as well as garlic, ginger, fish sauce, fennel, escarole and burdock to create a beautiful and distinctive kimchi. It has a bit of gingery-horseradish bite, but not the kind of heat you get with hot chiles. Its warming umami goodness ripples across the peppery notes.

Ingredients: napa cabbage*, daikon*, horseradish*, leeks*, fennel*, escarole*, Celtic sea salt, burdock*, scallions*, garlic*, ginger*, Red Boat fish sauce (anchovies, sea salt), brown rice flour*, raw unfiltered honey (*=organic)

Recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, black pepper-free, nightshade-free, not vegetarian and not grain-free.

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