Classes & Workshops

We host educational programs throughout the year, from classes and hands-on workshops to a tour of the kitchen. For those interested in going deeper, we offer several intensive sessions, from one day to one week long, covering our nutritional and culinary practices, and our organizational and business model.  OUR EDUCATIONAL OFFERINGS, EXCEPT FOR THE FIVE-DAY BROTH DETOX AND FIVE WEEK CLEANSE, ARE CURENTLY ON HOLD. 


5-Day Broth Detox --  January 19 - 23, 2023

$50 Registration fee. Total cost with registration fee and broth and beverage package is $259.00. (Plus $28.50 in refundable glass deposits)  

Registration opens in December.


Looking for support around a commitment to nourishment and gut health? Join Three Stone Hearth and Nutritional Therapist Joey Anderson for our guided Five-Day Broth Detox, including a variety of our housemade broths and cultured beverages.  We provide everything you need to rejuvenate your digestive system and deeply nourish your body.



5 WEEK FOOD BASED CLEANSE -- Saturday, January 28 - February 25, 2023

5 Saturdays 10 - 11:30am   $145.  

Registration opens in December.


Nutitionist Joey Anderson leads this virtual class weekly via Zoom. 


During these trying times there has never been a more important time to take care of our body than now. The good news... When you do, you feel great.

Discover how good you can feel when you remove sugar and processed foods from your diet, replace them with nutrient dense and delicious real food and the even keel you experience when you get off of the blood sugar roller coaster. Taking a “time out” from your regular eating routine, no matter what it is, to do a focused cleanse is a great way to get back to center while supporting your health.